Our History

dr fujiwara

dr umaki

dr yamashita

In the late 1940s, sugar was king with nearly 100 plantations scattered throughout Hawaii. A large portion of that population received medical care in their own closed systems, many of them being Japanese Americans

The lack of Japanese-speaking medical clinics inspired Drs. Isami Umaki (OB/GYN) and Thomas Fujiwara (Internist) to establish Central Medical Clinic (CMC) in 1949, making it the first Japanese-speaking clinic on Oahu. in 1956, third founder Dr. Goonzo Yamashita (Pediatrician) joined the clinic making CMC multi-generational, caring for patients at all stages of life.

Over the years, Central Medical Clinic has become the preeminent primary care clinic in Honolulu, consistently ranking at the top in measures of quality care and patient satisfaction. Many families, who started with the founding doctors, now have fourth and even fifth generations attending the clinic.

Our Philosophy

CMC lives by its philosophy “Our Family Caring for Yours” and our logo is a representation of that.

“At the center of our logo is our patient, and the hearts around it are the people looking after that patient, which would be us.” explains Dr. Myron Shirasu, Internist at CMC. “I think the physicians, nurses, staff, and patients can truly see and feel that we are a family caring for their family.”

“My children are my number one priority,” says Stacey Luke, a long-time CMC patient, “and the doctors at CMC have always shown their kindness and sincere care for them and their well-being. Having doctors who are approachable is very important to me and my relationship with CMC is just like family. For the past 23 years, I have always had pleasant experiences at CMC and it’s allowed me to bypass some of the stess of being a parent.”

Our Future

Since being founded in 1949, Central Medical has proven that a commitment to putting patients first and working from the heart always wins the day. The entire CMC team–past, present, and future–are shining examples of Hawaii’s very best in healthcare.

Dean Hirata, ‘Ekahi Health CEO.

In 2015, Central Medical Clinic joined the ‘Ekahi Health family, a part of the ‘ike family of companies who serve technology and healthcare industries both locally and abroad. They are dedicated to serving the greater good of our communities by leveraging technology, innovation, and dynamic leadership interaction. Partnering with ‘Ekahi Health began an exciting chapter for CMC as the innovative interchange between the companies promises a brighter future for all.

Serving families for nearly 70 years, CMC is now the largest, highest quality, primary care group on Oahu.

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